Panoramic flights Lyon

Mont Blanc Hélicoptères Lyon offers you to discover the earth from the sky through different helicopter tours. Each flight can be adjusted according to your wishes. Ready to take off ?

Mont Lyonnais and Coteaux Beaujolais 60 min from Lyon

Get some height and discover the city of Lyon, its surrounding mountains and the famous vineyards!

From our base in Lyon-Bron, live an unforgettable experience and go for a panoramic helicopter flight over the city of lights. Comfortably installed in a helicopter type Ecureuil AS350, where 5 passengers can take place, discover the unique landscapes of the Beaujolais vineyards. A flight between architecture and nature!

  • Duration: 60 minutes of flight
  • Tariff: 1960€ – Private flight for 1 to 5 passengers

Pilot initiation & flying school

What if you were the pilot?

During an introductory flight, you will discover how a helicopter works and take the controls! Unforgettable memories guaranteed! An original gift idea!

Details of the training:

  • Theoretical briefing where the instructor will explain to the trainee how a helicopter works and the different exercises he will perform during the flight.
  • Flight in an AS350 helicopter with an instructor, where the trainee will gradually take the 3 controls in hand.